Who We Are


Dreams Become Truth is on the mission of empowering all who are wanting to succeed. We partner with you and help your dreams and life goals become your reality.

Our goal is to help you transform your dreams into living, breathing truths for each of our clients by giving guidance, tools, resources, products and support to those who are seeking to live their highest potential. We are passionate about seeing the reality of each of our clients and believe in the potential that already exists in them.

We work hard for you and make an impact in the world by being keepers of the Truth and inspiring others to soar to their highest mark of achievement.


Dreams Become Truth, LLC is a family owned and operated business. 

The Henderson’s continue to have a huge adventure throughout their lives stepping into their greatness and have a passion for empowering others to do the same!


When they are not empowering others to greatness you will often find them spending time at Disney World, traveling around the country or just a quick weekend getaway, restoring old furniture into something beautiful, playing board games, going to movies, reading books, crafting with their children or dancing and singing everywhere they go!

Josh and Monica have three amazing children! Monica has had the privilege of working from home to be a part of their daily lives and has loved every step of this journey! She is grateful to have this opportunity to truly know her children and grow with them!

She has spent years finding the perfect balance it takes to accomplish and grow her dreams into truths and looks forward to helping other Moms-On-The-Go do the same (although you do not have to be a Mom to benefit from DBT!)

When they are not working hard, they are playing hard

and they love every minute of it!


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