90 Days to Leadership


90 days

90 Days to Leadership is designed for those of you who have a business established, but are not quite to the point of the leadership position you are seeking.

Program Layout:

  • We will be using interactive tools to truly create the vision, steps and leadership to turn your dreams into your truths!
  • Three emails with short videos and more in-depth assignments to complete
  • Time needed for assignment completion: up to 60 minutes for most, more depending on person
  • Facebook group page for support, unity, encouragement and assignments
  • All tools given will be kept by client for personal use
  • Bi-Weekly up to 60 minutes Group calls
  • One Strategy Call with Monica Henderson per every 4 weeks
    up to 60 minutes Individual calls – 3 Calls Total

During the program we will be focused on key components to where your business is now verses where you want it to be – taking what you already have, building and creating new at the same time – to achieve a foundation of long-term success.

During this time we will focus on many topics: 

including, but not limited to:

  • Current mindset and how to transform it to the mindset you will need for Leadership
  • Understanding the value of what you currently have
  • How to create more success for your long-term goals
  • Getting clear on your mission, what your values and integrity are for your business and how that will truly impact your leadership
  • Time management
  • Create a solid action plan with goals that will work with, and for, you
  • How to work with a variety of personalities, understanding the strengths, impacts on your business working with your greatness as well as others around you
  • How to take the “Not so Great At’s” and making them strengths in your organization
  • Analyzing current habits and creating new ones
  • Key steps in leadership and leadership strengthening
  • And so much more….


If you are wanting to truly LEAD YOUR BUSINESS YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!  

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