The Beauty in Self-Care

Have you ever noticed that the busier you get the harder life gets?  We push for our goals. We push for our dreams. We work so hard to create our visions... It's a ton of fun and it can wipe us out. I can get swept away in my work. I love both of my… Continue reading The Beauty in Self-Care

Change on the Brain

Have you ever had so much change taking place in your life that you had no control over and there was nothing you could do besides ride it out? That's me right now. Everything is changing. How we choose to deal with change can either push us forward or hold us down. And right now… Continue reading Change on the Brain

Stress Overload… Spring Clean!

Ever feel like your brain is on overdrive and you can't figure out up from down, left from right? It can be a good thing - too many great ideas, too much excitement.... Or it could be a bad thing - feeling stuck, not knowing what to do next.... My brain goes 500 miles a… Continue reading Stress Overload… Spring Clean!

Sharing my love of Books!

Today's plans were cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances so I decided to take a break and go to one of my favorite places to unwind.... Barnes & Nobles!! I LOVE going to B&N! I can literally spend hours in this store!! I love books!  Call me old fashioned but I still love holding books while I… Continue reading Sharing my love of Books!