Business Tips for All, Love Yourself to Grow

Can You Comfortably Say “I love you” to Yourself?

When I started my business one of the first concepts I heard was

“You can’t grow your business if you do not grow yourself”.

This was an interesting part of this journey for me because learning this process of self growth surprisingly became my favorite part of business growth! 

My favorite part about my business adventure was learning to love myself.


I always “liked” myself and was mostly nice to myself but LOVE MYSELF?

I did not realize there was a difference.

In society there is a misconception on loving yourself. We are taught that we are “selfish” or “self-serving” if we love ourself. If we place boundaries and put our needs ahead of others we are “wrong”.

But here’s the catch – if you truly love yourself prioritizing your needs and boundaries HELPS others better! Especially in business!


If you are taking care of yourself – truly loving yourself – you are better equipped to take care of others.


Here are some tips I have found in learning to love myself to grow myself.

Through learning to love myself – truly love myself – I have become:

  • a better leader
  • a better wife
  • a better Mom
  • and a better friend. 


Take time for you

Taking time to honor myself, love myself, and take care of myself was the most beneficial skill I have learned so far!


best friend

Do you love yourself?

Can you say you are your own best friend?


If you can GREAT! If you can’t… Let’s connect!

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