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Goals = A Tool of Measurement

How do you feel about setting goals?


Love them?

Hate them?

Terrified at hearing the words…. set a goal?

Your perspective in your goals matters.

Your belief in what you are achieving matters.

How big or small your goals are mattersnot just for success but also for confidence.

But goals do not have to be scary!

If you view them as a tool of measurement for your success – a TOOL – and utilize goal setting to work in your favor they are HUGE for the amount of success you will achieve!

Your success in your goals greatly depends on how you view them, but also equally important, how you set them!


I used to set small goalschallenges that were pretty easy to meet – so I could feel like a Rockstar every month and have a ton of things to celebrate… but in all reality those goals were not going to get me anywhere fast!

They were bandaids to make me feel better on the surface 

but they didn’t dive deep enough to the foundation of my success.

So, of course, I then went extreme opposite and only set big goals that were totally unrealistic 

and at the end of each month left me feeling depleted and defeated.

sad dylan

I quickly learned that small goals will equal small results, whereas BIG goals may not always equal BIG resultsbut I’ll be a heck of a lot closer then where I started!

And the key is to have a balance of BOTH!

Now I have a variety of goals to reach and achieve each month!

Some are more simple and they give me levels of success to celebrate that I need to end the month with. And then there’s the one BIG ones – the ones that challenge me to my core and in the end create the BIG results and BIG CELEBRATIONS.

I’ve learned a lot about how to set realistic goals that challenge me, not defeat me.

Being almost July this one of the four times a year that I re-evalute my goals as I enter into the second half of the year. I want to make sure that I am on track to my dreams becoming truths, and if I’m not, make the necessary adjustments needed in order to get on track!

With that in mind I decided to share my goal setting tools with you guys!

Goals are amazing tools!

How you set them is just as important!

Maybe you are awesome at setting goals already? Maybe you already learned, like I did, the hard way NOT to set goals? Or maybe you’re brand new to the idea of goal setting and you’re just getting your mind wrapped around it?

Regardless of where you are I hope you find a beneficial tool for whatever stage you are in through this video!

Setting goals is FUN!

It’s a tool for measuring your success as well as what you need to do next to achieve your success.

It’s an “experiment” each month in steps to creating your dreams into your living, breathing truths…. it’s a guideline to stay on track!

Be realistic as you set your goals, but don’t be afraid to take a risk and go big at what you are doing! Measure your success backwards and use your weekly goals as tools to stay on track forwards.

And above all, be nice to yourself.

Love everything you created this month and know you worked hard!


Struggling with knowing which goals you need to set for your success? Let’s connect! We are here to help you create your success!!

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