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Free From Fear!

At this point in my life if I did not have tools to overcome and conquer fear

my fear would EASILY control me!

There are so many unknown factors for me and shifts in my life that are taking place! It’s not all bad, there is a ton of good taking place!! There is definitely a balance in my life,

but still changes or shifts –  even good ones – can be scary if we let them be!

Change is a process. Even if it’s “good” change there is still a period of grief as we say goodbye to what is being “lost”.

Pain of Change

Luckily I have acquired tools that allow me to 

RISE and SHINE through fear!

Here’s a few of my favorite tools I utilize to feel the fear

and do it anyways!


Feeling like fear has a little too much power in your life? Let’s connect! There are so many approaches to fear I’m sure we can find a method that works for you!!


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