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Wednesday… Oh Wednesday…

Have you ever paid attention to the flow of your week?

Which days are you most productive?

Which days are you not productive?

My BEST days are Monday and Friday!


I start the week with a PUSH and finish the week with a BANG!

I love Mondays and Fridays!

Mondays because it’s a fresh week to create something amazing!

Fridays because I’m wrapping things up and setting the following week up for more amazing!

But Wednesdays…. oh Wednesdays….

They are MY WORST!


I feel like Hei Hei on Moana every Wednesday…

No idea why! I continuously stage my week to overcome “the Wednesdays” but no matter what I do I end at the same conclusion of

“What the heck did I get done today Wednesday”.

What day is it again?

I’ve learned to accept this verses fight this!

I stage my week so the least amount of productive activity takes place on Wednesday. That way I do not feel discouraged and hey! if I have a great Wednesday awesome! On those rare days that I actually am productive on a Wednesday I just go through my running checklist and get stuff done!

But that does not happen often…

Since accepting this pattern I have I will say my Wednesdays have been AWESOME!

I know, that makes zero sense right?!? How can they be awesome when they are so unproductive? I’ll tell you!

Acceptance = peace

Which means I can tilt my head back and laugh at the ridiculousness all day!

But do not mistake this as

acceptance = excuses.


There is a difference in loving yourself and embracing your strengths and “not-so-great-at’s”. Embracing your patterns and accepting that not everyday is going to be Rockstar day. Allowing for HUMAN to happen and giving yourself grace in these moments.


If you take your strengths and “not-so-great-at’s” and use them as EXCUSES to NOT grow, NOT work hard, NOT make changes needed for your success or to treat people a certain way because of it then that is not acceptance, that is excuses.

And it’s so easy to do!

  • Keep yourself in check!
  • Hold yourself accountable!
  • And if you find a pattern of thoughts or habits emerging ask yourself if this is YOU or an EXCUSE.

It’s a fine line…. tread with caution!

Even though I know there is a trend with Wednesdays in my life I still get up, I still work hard and I do not allow that to be my excuse! But I can laugh at the day the whole way through without the frustration I used to have!

Do not give up (3)

What is your “Wednesday”?

What do you do for encouragement on these days?

Get to know your habits, your patterns and your flow and plan accordingly! Stage everything you can throughout your week so these “Wednesdays” do not bring you down at all!

You got this!!

Need help with time management, learning you and loving yourself and/or creating product habits? Let’s connect!


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