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Change on the Brain

Have you ever had so much change taking place in your life that you had no control over and there was nothing you could do besides ride it out?

That’s me right now.

Everything is changing.

One Stands Holding Change, Others Crushed

How we choose to deal with change can either push us forward or hold us down.

And right now I feel like I’m just trying to catch up with it and my brain feels like it’s going to explode trying to process it all! Generally I prefer to be someone who stays ahead of the change… but that’s not always something I get a choice in – like now.

I do not mind change so much. I am a mother of 3 children and own two businesses. I have learned plans, even perfectly laid plans, often never go as planned. I like to view plans as more of guidelines and ways to measure success verses concrete set in stone “rules” to follow.

Plans must always be evaluated and adjusted as needed to accommodate life taking place to stay on track for our success!

Plan B.png

I like to think I handle change well. I’d like to think I’m flexible and I can “roll with the punches”…. these past couple weeks I have had plenty of examples to teach me how much I am not always so great at change.

Outside of my marriage there isn’t a single area of my life right now not experiencing change.

And these are not little changes. They are changes that are effecting everything!

Some good, some challenging and some downright scary if I allowed them to be!

Although change can tend to bring up

But here’s the funny thing about change

All change, good or bad, requires a period of grief.

Grieving what is lost. Even if the change is for the better… It’s still something being lost.

Acknowledging that is critical in smooth transitions through change.

Embrace the pain. Feel it. Give it time to heal and accept what you can change, let go of what you cannot. Re-learn what you need to adjust and then

Commit to moving forward.

Be Present & Forward

The worst thing you can do when it comes to change is fight it the whole way.

And sometimes the only way to get through the change is to hang on tight and ride the wave until it settlesbut even that is better than fighting it the whole way

because whether you like it or not change is going to happen.

And you can change and adjust with it

Or you can fight it

and delay the outcome of change that’s going to happen anyways

which makes your life harder than it already is.

Let Go (1)

You decide.

Me personally, for now, I’ll ride the wave, feel this out, see what happens and choose excitement!

Let Go (9)

For every negative there is an equal or greater positive. I’m clinging to that… and faith. Because all things happen for His greater purpose. And the plan is there, regardless if I see it right now.

Let Go (7)

For now, I will rest in that, hold on and wait to see what awesomeness is in store for us next!

Going through crazy change and need support? Let’s Connect! We’re here for you!

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