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Stress Overload… Spring Clean!

Ever feel like your brain is on overdrive and you can’t figure out up from down, left from right?

What day is it again?

It can be a good thing – too many great ideas, too much excitement….

Or it could be a bad thing – feeling stuck, not knowing what to do next….

My brain goes 500 miles a second all the time. I get to choose which items to focus on but that doesn’t mean it does not end up in overdrive and overload at times.

This causes stress.

Did you know that the mind cannot differentiate between positive stress and negative stress? It processes it all the same way.

So a really amazing day can be just as exhausting as a really bad day!

Ever been at the beach with your friends and family and you are all having a blast and suddenly, you’re tired? Wiped out and fatigued?

Even though it was a great day it all adds up and the brain processes the good stress the same way as the bad stress.

The key is balance in the good and bad stress.

Balance Inside

(Connie Podesta’s Book: Stand Out From the Crowd)

We cannot always choose what comes in to our lives.

We can choose what to focus on.

We can choose what to process and what to toss but life is going to deal us cards we don’t always want. 

……So what do we do when we hit this wall over overload?

We clean out our lives!

Start with what’s easy: Your home, your office, your files, your computer, your supplies – anything and everything that could be and needs to be organized.

Then move onto your mind, environment, relationships, thoughts – anything causing toxins in your lifestyle.

Spring Clean

Often when people think of “Spring Cleaning” they think of their physical life not realizing their emotional life is even more critical for cleaning as well!

When I reach overload I evaluate the easy tasks first and organize my physical life. Then I move onto the more challenging tasks to evaluate:


My thoughts, my habits, who I am surrounding myself with and how I am spending my time.

I ask myself:

  • if my thought processes are productive or blocking me – I cleanse and dump what is in my way.
  • if my thought processes are going to attract what I’m creating or attract what will counter what I’m creating – then adjust to only attract what I’m creating.
  • if my habits are going to help me to create more of what I’m seeking or wasting time – then dump the “busy work” that is wasting time.
  • if what I am loving is loving me back – the hardest to shed. Passion flows from the inside and who we surround ourselves with matters! The people in our lives have an influence on us, especially if these are people we spend a lot of time with! Even the greatest of people, if not aligned, can be toxic for you if they are unintentionally holding you back or bringing you down. If a relationship has become toxic in my life I ask myself if there is anything I can do to change it to a positive again, if not, I shed it as productively as possible. Sometimes this means walking away, sometimes it means spending less time with a person. Shedding doesn’t always have to mean that relationship is over!
  • if how I am spending my time is aligned with my priorities – if I am saying “yes” to “good things” that are getting in the way of making room for “great things” or are not aligned with my purpose. I adjust my focus and where I am saying “yes”.

Say No

Learning to say NO is HUGE! Some people have zero struggles in this area and I give you a giant high five for that one! But if you are anything like me, this was a learned skill – one I have to evaluate every so often to make sure I’m on the best path possible!

It’s ok to say no, even if it’s a good idea or something that sounds like fun, if it does not align with your priorities and purpose!

Practice this one! Find a friend that you can practice on, let that person know you need this skill and have them randomly ask you a variety of questions you would normally say yes to so you have opportunity to practice saying no. Do not plan this practice out! It’s easy to say no when it’s staged for it!

While I’m spring cleaning my mind I also spring clean my body.

Toxins store everywhere in our body – no matter how “green” we live – and can get in the way of our optimal processing of health and thoughts. I personally utilize doTERRA’s products to support cleansing my mind and body for optimal wellbeing but there are many to choose from and it’s important you are comfortable with your choices!

(If you would like to learn more about cleansing with doTERRA products please let us know!)

Spring Cleaning your stress is not easy!

It’s never easy to dive deep into what stress you may be creating for yourself.

Forgive yourself, shed what needs to be shed and move on!

Start with something small you can do and add to it! When you are first starting this process you might be surprised at how many toxins are in your life you are totally unaware of! Find ways to find peace in this and do not try to “fix” it all at once.

Daily small steps in the right direction compound to huge results!

Start with one area to cleanse and when you feel like you have a handle on that one, add another, then another, until you feel like you’ve created habits that will do this without you even really trying!

And don’t forget to breathe….

-Fear is excitment

Feeling overloaded? Reach out! We’re happy to help!


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