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Embrace the Problems

You’ve probably heard the phrase

“Resist Resistance”

but really what does that mean?

Whenever you step outside your comfort zone,

when you are risking change to accomplish something different,


Why is this? Because our comfort zone is there to do just that, keep us comfortable. When you are trying something new, making a change, or doing anything outside your “normal” you are challenging that comfort zone.

It’s response is to fight back. 

Comfort Zones (2)


…. and say “Thank you!”


Say thank you to problems? Really? YES! As crazy as that sounds if you are stepping into something new and you did not have any resistance 

your step wasn’t big enough.

I use resistance as a measuring tool. If I am making a change and I do not get any type of resistance than I know I’m not on the right trackit’s not going to produce what I’m seeking to create.

Resistance can come in all shapes and forms, and unfortunately, it often comes from those closest to us. They do not mean to hurt us or attempt to set us back, it’s a natural response.

When we challenge our comfort we are also challenging the comfort zone of everyone around us!

It’s normal for them to feel it and either fight it, or join us, but the energy shifts and it can throw anyone for a loop!

Resistance can also come in how we treat ourselves.

Every hear a nasty thought in your head when you’re feeling awesome? Something that instantly makes you doubt or question yourself in what you are worth?

That’s resistance.

It’s goal is to bring you down….



And here’s a fun kicker. Once you conquer your thought process and you get people around you used to you always being in an “uncomfortable zone” it finds new ways to attack….

Usually in the form of your health.

I’m not saying all “sickness” isn’t real. There are real threats out there! But something to consider. 80% of our ailments stem from our gut – which is also where a vast majority of people store their stress. 

So if you are taking on a new challenge and you suddenly feel ill ask yourself

“Is this real”


“Did I manifest this?”

You might be surprised that you manifested it…

With that said let’s go back to saying “Thank You!” So, you’ve said thank you, now what? You still have some sort of problem to deal with…..




I do not know who said that anonymous quote but they sound like a smart cookie!

Face your resistance head on!

Ignoring it does not make it go away!

In fact, it tends to grow in new ways!!

Ask yourself a couple questions:

  1. Is this true?
  2. If no, shed it as quickly as possible! If yes, move on to question 3.
  3. What can I do to change this?
  4. How can I make this a positive experience?
  5. How can I grow from this experience?


If there is anything you can to make this a positive experience do it as fast as possible!

If there isn’t, learn what you can, forgive who you need to forgive and shed it as quickly as possible!

Resistance is there to hold you back! The faster you conquer the problems the faster you gain your power back!

See resistance as an opportunity to grow…. an experiment in your journey

– not a problem!


Need help with this? Let’s connect!

Resistance and fear often go hand in hand…. a topic for another day….

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