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Overcoming Pain in the Change

Anytime we experience change there is pain.

Our minds automatically grieve what we are losing even if what we are losing needs to be lost.

It could be a job, a relationship, a friendship or maybe something more tangible – like buying a house and saying goodbye to your rental home. Yes, buying a home is better for you in the long run and you worked really hard to get that home but that does not take away the memories and comfort you had in the rental home.

Anytime you are considering change it is good to take a moment and ask yourself

“Is this change worth the pain I’m going to experience?”

Pain of Change.jpg

Because even if it’s the most incredible change in your life

you will still grieve what was lost.

This is why so many fear change. It means adjustment in their lives. It means new experiences. It means different opportunities or adventures… but most of all it can be related with pain. This is why it is critical to

embrace your power of choice.

You have options in each opportunity of change that presents itself to your life:

  1. You can choose how to navigate the water of change by embracing the change AND pain – focusing on the positive experiences to learn from and giving yourself permission to feel the pain in the process. 
  2. You can choose to stay in the fear and keep blocking yourself from pain – which also blocks you from success.
  3. Or you can choose to ignore the change – sabotaging yourself from success.

It is, like everything else, a choice. It all comes down to a choice. And choices can be challenging to make so you want to make sure that you value the results of the change more that what you will go through to get there.

If you value your change it can then be a guide and strength to steer you through the rough edges

you will face as resistance and pain tries to keep you downthat’s your comfort zone being threatened….

It can help you keep your perspective positive and transform the fear and pain to excitement and growth!

If you do not value the results of your change, if you are doing them for the wrong reasons, it will feel like a burden and it will be harder to resist the challenges and see the light at the end of the tunnel. It will be a forced battle that will feel like a never-ending process.

Change is GREAT!

We can only grow our business, minds and life through change! 

Realize you have the power to decide what changes you will make and which ones will not benefit your success.

You are beautifully made right now

and any changes you make are because you have an area that needs to grow.

Embrace your growth and allow your greatness to shine through!


Need support in this area? Reach out! We’re happy to help!

Stay tuned for more details on how to conquer fear, change and resistance in our upcoming blogs….

Believing in your greatness daily….



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