Love Yourself to Grow

Sometimes You Just Have to Wear a Hat… In Florida…

Ever wake up and think

“Today’s going to be amazing and awesome and I can’t wait to start!!!”

I like to think that everyday when I open my eyes. I choose gratitude for my day and all the opportunities!

Then I head downstairs to get my coffee and start my day and after only a few minutes I realize….

this might be “one of those days”…

I feel like I can hear Mufasa in my ear….


It tends start with the coffee pot. It did not brew my coffee like it was set to. I shrug… I got this. Although I am horrible at changing my routines I can do this. I can WAIT for the coffee to brew…. I stand there… drip. drip. drip…. it feels like hours have passed but finally, my coffee is brewed. Then I open the fridge…. dang. I’m out of coconut creamer which means I have to use my coconut milk, not as good but ok, I got this! I go to use the coconut milk and yay!

My 7 year old daughter has placed it back into the fridge with only a drop or two left in it… love it.

It’s ok! Breathe. I can handle this. Minor setback but it’s still going to be a glorious day full of opportunity! 

So I sit down to get to work with the amazing people I have the privilege to spend my days with and wait…. Apple has an update that is starting the second I log into my computer. I got this! I can use my laptop!…. oh wait. My laptop is Apple as well. It’s ok I got this! I’ll use my phone!

….dang. My phone is Apple as well.

Which normally I LOVE that all of my systems sync together and it saves me SO much time and energy!! But not when they are all updating at the same time. It’s ok I got this!

Hmmm…. I can’t work. What should I do? I know I’ll clean my house! That’s productive. Oh yay! I’m out of sponges and my mop just broke…. It’s ok… I got this?!

Ok, I’ll head to the store to get some new supplies so I can clean my house. I go to get ready and ta-da! Even my hair does not want to work with me today! It’s ok! I got this! 

I can wear a hat…. in Florida…. that’s completely normal right?

I know. I’ll throw on a sweatshirt so I look like I’m super cold instead of crazy….

I got this!!!


I head out and I must have missed the memo because everyone appears to be out today in the small town I live in. Traffic is lovely! Oh well… I got this!

Oh hey! I’ll treat myself since I’m out today! I’ll go to Starbucks and get my tasty Coconut Iced Mocha. That sounds fantastic! Oh yay! They put milk in it instead and since I’m allergic I have to go back and have them remake it…. It’s ok. I got this!

What feels like 5 hours later I’m finally home and yay! The updates are complete. I got my supplies for cleaning. I’m ready to take on the world…. except at this point I’m exhausted and do not feel like doing anything productive. I go to my to-do list and find ANYTHING I can check off so I feel accomplished.

“Schedule team leader meeting”

I can do that. CHECK! Woohoo!!! I was productive! I feel fantastic and totally ready to call it a day! Time to prepare dinner for when my husband arrives home – which is sandwiches – because let’s face it… after a day like today I really shouldn’t be around flames or anything sharp! Then relax, pour a glass of wine, and wait while reading my book. When he walks in the door and asks how my day was I can actually smile and say FANTASTIC!

Did my day go as planned? Absolutely not!

Did I get anything done I intended to? Absolutely not!

Did I have multiple opportunities to get frustrated and defeated? Definitely!

But I chose not to because that’s all my day is…

a series of choices and experiences.

How I CHOOSE to interpret my experiences will set the stage for all other experiences that have similarities and will trigger a response. If I choose incorrectly that is something else to unlearn and honestly… I’d rather just learn it right the first time!

So what can I do?

Laugh at my day and throw on a hat!

Because sometimes… that’s all I can do.

Life shifts… shift with it.

On a day that Mufasa is laughing in your ear laugh back!

Give yourself permission

to have “a day”…. we all have them. 

Giving yourself permission is empowering!! It’s allowing you to choose your emotions verses being a slave to them! Fighting against the current of your resistance is always a battle. Resisting resistance is always best and definitely take your stand against it but remember

How you choose to stand matters!

Is there a smile on your face, laughing as life shifts and tries to hold you back?

Is there a frown? Anger? Frustration?…. it all matters for your future experiences! It’s all a learning opportunity and has a purpose even if we cannot see it.

For those of you who had an amazing, productive fantastic day today I am truly happy for you! That is Awesome!!!

For those of you who had a day like mine… Cheers to you! Enjoy your evening and relax…. breathe… it will all be ok!

Tilt your head back and laugh!

It’s literally impossible to have a negative thought when we are looking up….

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