Love Yourself to Grow

The Power of Patience and Timing

I’m always amazed at timing. Exactly what I need comes at the exact right time, if I’m patient. Sometimes it’s a fleeting statement a complete stranger can make, sometimes it’s a profound truth that is revealed to me, sometimes it’s the exact right person I needed to meet – that person may become a life-long friend, customer or business partner, or they may be a short-lived relationship that served a greater purpose – but always, in perfect timing for my journey in greatness.

But the patience I need to have isn’t always there. I am the kind of person that gets an idea and wants to take immediate action to create it. I want to jump out of the window and grow wings on the way down. I do not do well in waiting for everything to fall into place. This need to get things done has been a blessing – and a curse – in my businesses and life’s pursuit to greatness.

Over the past few years I have seriously wanted a fellowship group to be a part of but the timing never felt right. It was an emptiness in my soul that I kept making excuses for or tried to fill with other things.

In December we took a risk in trying something new and my boys joined the Mt. Dora Brazilian Jui Jitsu Academy. I did not realize the impact, friendships and hole we did not know we had that this filled in our lives. In that environment I have met a couple truly amazing ladies who invited me to attend their church with them. I recognized that there was more perfection to be created and took a leap of faith to say yes. (Church and I have had our challenges over the years.)

Last week I was sitting in my Bible Study and was overwhelmed how this is a perfect fit for me. The messages we discuss are always exactly what I need to hear in my current experience and the women in the group are truly lovely, inspiring and accepting.

As I realized this I thought about all the times I’ve pushed instead of having patience and the results of those pushes in life. When I push for anything that is not the exact right timing I find myself overwhelmed easily and often the results may turn out badly, or even if they are what I want them to be they are not long-lasting without a lot of extra work and energy.

When I’m patient and focus on projection and attraction to bring what I need into my life when it does come I’m overwhelmed in the best of ways and the impacts are deeper and long-lasting.

This helps me remember to be patient even when I want to push and rush to the results. This helps remind me that there is a greater power at work for my perfect greatness. When I start to feel like I need to push for the results I’m wanting I instead sit back and take the extra time to reflect, get clear on my needs and project those needs to attract exactly what I am needing.

Then, when those needs are filled I RUN with it! I do not take this gift lightly and embrace my path as I move forward.

The timing is usually not when I think I need it, but if I am patient I can look back and see that the timing was perfect for when I could accept it. What I think I need and what I’m able to embrace do not always coincide. 

I am grateful there is a bigger plan in my greatness that knows what is best for me and when I’m ready to receive it!


Do you struggle with patience, projection and attraction?

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