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The Flow of Days Working From Home

Working from home has so many benefits – setting our schedule, taking breaks as we see fit, the added time to do what’s important to us….


but it has it’s downfalls just like anything else we go through in life.

For every negative there is an equal or greater positiveand vice versa.

I love working from home! I love being able to call it a day and play with my family or take a quick trip to Disney World because the weather is nice and the sunshine is calling me.

But I can’t do that everyday and expect to be successful. 


The daily grind – these simple, easy daily tasks that will compound over time to create monumental growth are what keeps a business running properly, but they are also tedious in their ways and easy to forget to do.

The challenge is that what we do each day does not always give instant results, in fact, in almost all circumstances in business it is a delayed gratification, which can make our tasks seem futile and exhausting day after day.

I can easily get carried away and not allow myself breaks. I have my goals and deadlines and if I’m not careful I put too much pressure on myself to get them done, forgetting that I need to remember to take care of myself.

That involves taking a break and giving myself patience, grace and time to rest.

Love Yourself

The upside to working hard, long hours is that I get a lot done and feel amazingly accomplished!

The downside to working hard, long hours is that too many days in a row like that can lead to the days running together and every day feeling the same.

What day is it again?.png

When one works at an office we are required to leave our house, we are required to show up at a location at a certain time and stay there until our time is up. When one works from home if we do not take the necessary time to rest, relax and have fun we can get so caught up in working that a week can go by before we realize we did not even leave the house.

This can lead to a


very quickly,

as well as feelings of failure, not good enough, and doubt as we do not necessarily see the bounties of all of the work we have been doing at this moment.

In these moments I remind myself that what I am doing today will result in 4 – 6 weeks and I need to be persistent to create those results.

I have created my time management in such a way that my priorities for each day are delegated and spread out so all of my tasks are complete to keep my business running with the momentum and growth that I seek.

But it also means when I have completed my tasks I give myself permission to stop and enjoy the remainder of my day. Sometimes I read a book, sometimes I take a bath, other times I take special time with my family and play board games, go for a walk or just dance until we are all rolling in giggles.

Too often I have seen people set a goal and work really hard to accomplish it, spreading themselves thinespecially in the last week of the monththen burning out and losing all momentum for the month after the push only to have to do it again.

There are ways to avoid this!!

There are ways to set up your month for success, spread out through the entire month so if there is a push needed it does not run you ragged!

Regardless of how you take your breaks make sure that you are!

You tasks are so incredibly important,

but your energy to maintain your tasks to create long term results trumps your need to get them all done at this very moment.

Spread your week out, prioritize your days, know exactly what you need to be doing each day that is income producing/income enhancing, and be proud of what you accomplish. Give your best to each task you are currently focused on and know that everything you need to do will be accomplished as there is always enough time.

Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 12.36.00 PM.png

Remind yourself that you are where time comes from, you create your schedule and consistency is key!

Need help with time management and not burning out? Let’s connect!

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